NPD Haiku: May 2009


Infamous did well
Playstation is getting good
Oh shit. There’s DS.

Numbers via NeoGAF


NPD Haiku: January 2009


Wii rocked the top three
So I guess we’ll all be “Fit”
If “Wii” can find it

Numbers via: MTV Multiplayer


Red Dead Sequel


Oh snap kids! One of  my favorite games of all time is finally getting a sequel (I mean other than Space Invaders Extreme 2). Yep, Red Dead Revolver 2. Or rather, Red Dead Redemption.

I think it’s interesting that Rockstar decided not to go with the main character from the first game, Red Hallow, considering the game is named after him. Rockstar usually does a great job when it comes to the characters in their games, so I’m not too worried.

Expect to see me gushing more about this game when more details finally come out.

Next time: Resident Evil 5 demo


Rebel.FM Is Now Up


I was going to post this as an update to the “1up.com is dead” entry, but I figured it deserved it’s own post.

The new podcast from the old 1upFM crew is here! Viva Rebel.FM! Support these guys and check out this show!


Microsoft Expects PS3 Price Drop Soon


Here’s something I didn’t expect: Microsoft talking about a PS3 price drop. Especially when there hasn’t been a peep out of Sony themselves. In fact they went out of their way to tell people not to expect a price drop, at least during the holiday season.

When speaking with Edge Online, Xbox 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg said, “We [Microsoft] absolutely expect the PS3 price drop to happen in the next couple of months,” adding, “We’re frankly surprised it’s taken this long.”

I am as well. Even being the PS3 fanboy that I am, I have to note that Sony is getting slaughtered by Microsoft (and by Nintendo, but at this point Nintendo is in a whole other space with their numbers). When Microsoft is selling an Xbox for $250, Sony needs to pay attention. Sure the Arcade Xbox doesn’t have a hard drive, but it comes with two games and Joe Consumer is going to see that as a far better deal then the cheapest PS3 at $400.

I know that Kaz is dying to see the PS3 turn a profit now that it’s finally getting cheaper to produce, but he may have to hold off on that to start selling the PS3 at a reasonable rate. After all, it’s hard to make money if the console gathers dust on store shelves.


1up.com Is Dead


Well that’s not true. The name is staying but the site that I loved is dead.

And EGM…my god! I remember reading EGM as a kid to find out all the news on the latest Super Nintendo games. Then about Playstation games. Then Playstation 2. Then Xbox 360 and PS3. I loved me some Sushi-X! Hell, I even read EGM2! And now it’s gone. A toast to you, oh symbol of my childhood now lost.

I’m not normally the type to get whiny about things like this, but many of the game journalists that I have the most respect for and look to for inspiration as regards to writing style are now jobless.

To Shane Bettenhausen, Phillip Kollar, Greg Ford, Ryan Scott, James Mielke, and everyone else that got canned: You guys are fantastic writers and I know that you all will find someplace to go.

To Ryan O’Donnell and Matt Chandronait, and everyone else (formerly) at GameVideos: You guys made the best gaming video show out there. I wish you all the best of luck.

So here’s a toast to both 1up and EGM. You guys (and gals) were the best out there. I pray that all of you land on your collective feet.

Addition: And to play it all out: 1up Show Orchestral

Addition pt 2: Joystiq has posted a list of who was let go in this travesty (Simox Cox? Wow.) I’m glad they didn’t get rid of everyone good though. I notice a lack of Ray Barnholt, Jeremy Parish, David Ellis, Garnett Lee, and Thierry Ngyuen. At least they’ve kept some people who know what they are doing…I wonder how long those people will stick around.


Wrath Of The Lich King, Or Why I’m Starting Over (Again)

Well, I think the time has finally come to talk about Wrath of the Lich King. It’s been about a month since its release, a month in which I posted even less than normal. Odd that. In any case, my thoughts on Wrath are still quite limited compared to most. I have yet to hit 80 and start raiding immediatly, even though I assumed that was what would be happening at this point. It was partially because of school and final exams, but it’s also because of one simple reason: I have made yet another new main.

Yes, that’s right. Another one. Perhaps I should explain.

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